Firefox 126 is here: More security, less tracking, and faster Facebook

From PC World: In the new Firefox version 126.0, Mozilla developers have fixed several vulnerabilities in the browser. Better data compression should load Facebook pages faster. Even more tracking parameters are blocked when copying web addresses. Updates to Firefox ESR 115.11 and Tor Browser 13.0.1 are also available.

The developers have fixed at least 16 vulnerabilities in Firefox 126.0. Mozilla categorizes two of these vulnerabilities as high risk in its security report . A use-after-free vulnerability (CVE-2024-4764) could come to light and become exploitable if WebRTC is used more intensively (e.g. during video conferences) and a new audio source is added. A missing type check in the built-in PDF viewer PDF.js could open up the possibility of executing arbitrary JavaScript code in this context (CVE-2024-4367).

Some vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute injected code. Attacks on Firefox users are not yet known. With the menu item ” Help ” About Firefox, you can initiate an update check and download the update manually if required.

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