Tesla Cybertrucks Get 2 More Recalls, This Time for Faulty Wipers, Loose Trim

From PC Mag: Tesla's Cybertruck has been recalled again, this time over its windshield wiper failing to work and trunk bed trim potentially coming loose and falling onto the road, according to filings submitted to US transportation regulators this month and posts on Tesla's website.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the Cybertruck's sole front wiper can stop working, thereby increasing the risk of a crash if visibility becomes low or nonexistent due to rain, snow, or other debris blocking driver vision.

Some Cybertruck drivers have already reported problems with their wipers failing. One said the only way to drive in the rain without a working wiper was to "hang out the window" of the Cybertruck to see the road. Others noted that resetting the truck doesn't fix the problem.

According to Tesla and the NHTSA, the wiper failure is an electrical issue with its wiper motor. "Excessive electrical current" has been causing some of the wiper motors to fail, according to the recall report. Tesla will replace the motors for free and notify truck owners by mid-August.

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