AMD Quietly Starts to Sell Dual-Core Phenom Microprocessors.

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has quietly started to sell dual-core microprocessors featuring the latest K10 micro-architecture in Europe, at least, based on the results from a search engine. If the information is correct and AMD is shipping its Phenom X2 parts for revenue, then the chipmaker may attract additional attention to its microprocessor line among price-conscious buyers looking for modern tech.

According to a screenshot taken on price search engine in Europe and published by Hardware-Infos web-site, AMD has started shipping AMD Phenom X2 GE-6400 (1.90GHz, 1MB of L2 cache [512KB per core], 2MB L3 cache), GE-6500 (2.10GHz, 1MB of L2 cache [512KB per core], 2MB L3 cache) and GE-6600 (2.30GHz, 1MB of L2 cache [512KB per core], 2MB L3 cache) microprocessors to channel customers.

Not all specifications are clear, for example, thermal design power of the chips is rumoured to be 45W, but indirect information points to 65W or even around 90W TDP, but it is definitely that the chips should be drop-in compatible with socket AM2+ infrastructure.

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