Intel plots a Web 2.0 play with Facebook

From InfoWorld: Intel on Thursday said it would supply chips and programming tools to power Facebook servers, which Intel hopes will bring it a larger presence in the burgeoning Web 2.0 market.

Facebook is expected to buy thousands of servers from top vendors that will include Xeon 5400 chips, Intel said. A number of chipset and processor configurations will be supplied depending on Facebook's needs.

Intel is also providing software tools like compilers, debuggers, thread checkers, and analysis tools, said Nick Knupffer, an Intel spokesman. The company is sending a "crack team" of coding experts who will use the software tools to help Facebook programmers rearchitect applications in an effort to speed up performance.

Intel will now be powering the entire computing infrastructure for Facebook, which has 90 million users and is growing. The chip vendor also hopes that the partnership will give it more opportunities to run systems and design software optimized for Web 2.0 infrastructures.

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