Assign a Drive Letter to a Folder | Lounge

Author: Jonathan Kwan
October 1, 2005

Oh yeah. You got to be an organizing freak to read this...

Well anyway, have you ever wondered how to assign a drive letter to some folder in your hard drive? This is a very simple two minute process to get you there. Note that this does not replace partitioning.

This is my 'original' My Computer.

1. First, open up Command Prompt. If you can't find it, then press Start, then Run, type cmd in the box and press OK.

2. In the command prompt type subst x: c:\windows, where "x:" is what you want the drive letter to be, and "c:\windows" is where you want the assigned drive letter to point to. In this case it's pointed to c:\windows, you can set it to point to whatever folder you like.

3. Open up "My Computer" and you see a new drive!

For all those wondering, it's FAT32 because I also run older versions of Windows on this computer.

4. If you don't need the new "drive" anymore, just delete it. Type subst /d x: in Command Prompt, where "x:" is the drive letter you created earlier.

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