Intel Unveils Next Generation Turbo Memory

From DailyTech: Since Microsoft launched Windows Vista, there have been a number of complaints from users regarding usability of the operating system and other problems. One of the most common complaints about operating system is the sometimes sluggish response times in machines with inadequate amounts of memory onboard.

Microsoft tried to address some of the memory utilization issues with its ReadyBoost capability, which allows users to plug-in compatible flash drives to speed the system up. The catch is that many people who try to take advantage of ReadyBoost reported no real gains in performance.

Intel saw the opening for technology that would help accelerate Windows Vista and introduced its Turbo Memory. Intel Turbo Memory hasn't proven too successful to date and has found little support with PC manufacturers. In fact, HP has openly stated it saw no value in using Intel Turbo Memory in its notebooks. reports that Intel has introduced a new version of its Turbo Memory, which aims to transparently optimize Windows for flash memory storage. The new version offers a dashboard for Windows and allows the user to choose and control what applications or files are loaded into Intel's Turbo Memory. Intel calls the ability to pick and choose what files are loaded into Turbo Memory "user pinning."

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