AMD Has Four New Business Phenoms

From Tom's Hardware: The four new Phenom processors extend AMD’s B-series platform, which also includes a motherboard carrying either AMD’s 780V or Nvidia’s MCP78 chipset, to a total of 11 processors. The new models include the Phenom X4 9750B (2.4 GHz/95 watt), the Phenom X3 8750B (2.4 GHz/95watt), the Athlon X2 5600B (2.9 GHz/65 watt) and Athlon X2 4850B (2.5 GHz/45 watt) processors.

Pricing was announced, but we expect AMD to continue its business class pricing strategy, which means that these processors will be offered with a premium of close to 20% on the high-end and about 10% on the lower end when compared to non-B-series processors of the same main product family and comparable clock speeds.

It is interesting to note that AMD has changed its naming strategy of Phenom processors, which is now consistent with the rest of the Phenom product family, but inconsistent with the first batch of Phenom B CPUs. As mentioned in a, AMD has chosen to designate its TLB bug-free B3 series Phenom processors with a XX50 number, which clearly indicates that these latest Phenoms (9750, 8750) are in fact B3 series and TLB-bug free processors.

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