Details of Upcoming Intel Products from 2008 through 2012 Leaked Ahead of IDF

From DailyTech: One of the most anticipated releases for late 2008 is Intel's Nehalem processor --its new four core processor that features the return of Hyper Threading, allowing eight logical cores per processor. Recently formally named Intel Core i7 by Intel, the new processor is also highly anticipated as it will feature QuickPath, Intel's answer to AMD's HyperTransport, and will feature an on-die memory controller for the first time.

The latest Intel slides from CanardPlus show that Intel's wafer production is going smoothly and B1 stepping chips are being produced. Sources at Intel estimate that the chip will offer 15 to 20 percent performance gains at a common frequency over today's top of the line Penryn processors. The processor will go head to head with AMD's upcoming 45 nm offering, codenamed Shanghai.

Looking forward, according to internal slides, Intel plans to release a 32 nm shrink of Nehalem, codenamed Westmere at the end of 2009. This increment follows Intel's "tick tock" approach of yearly updates, with the "tick" being the die shrink such as Westmere, while the "tock" represents a new architecture.

The next new architecture after Nehalem is codenamed Sandy Bridge (formerly known as Gesher) and will be built on a 32 nm process. While details are scarce, Intel is hard at work on its development and details have begun to trickle out.

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