Apple Issues More MobileMe Apologies, Two More Months of Free Service

From DailyTech: Apple is known for developing stylish and intuitive products. Among these well working products was its .Mac service which simplified web hosting, email, and online storage for Mac users. So when the new MobileMe service was rolled out as essentially a free replacement upgrade to the .Mac service, the over 100,000 users of the service were thrilled.

The following months yielded nothing but disappointment to the service's many users. The quality was so abysmal many users couldn’t even login and a majority of components were broken. Multiple times Apple wrote apologies to customers and issued them free service for a month, while proclaiming that the problems had been fixed. And each time more problems piled on.

It became so bad that recently Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself personally apologized on behalf of Apple and said that the service had not been living up to Apple quality. He alluded to "shakeups" of the MobileMe team, indicating someone might be getting canned.

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