Apple Responds to iPod Nano Fires Reported in Japan

From DailyTech: According to Yahoo News Japan warned Apple iPod nano users of a potential fire risk after two new instances in which the portable music players overheated were reported in August.

The Japan economy, trade and industry ministry received two new reports of minor fires in Tokyo caused by overheating iPod nanos, said ministry official Hiroyuki Yoshitsune. There were no injuries and the cause is still unclear, he said.

There have been earlier reports of iPod nano fires, and Japan had already launched an investigation in March after another Apple iPod nano sent out sparks. According to the ministry, Apple was notified of a total of 14 similar cases in Japan. Out of those, two users suffered minor burning.

"Users need to be careful about overheating of the machines," the ministry said in a statement, warning that particular care is needed when recharging the iPods. "Our ministry told Apple to improve its technological development and probe the cause of the incidents so that similar incidents do not happen again”.

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