China's YouTube Rival Shifts Into Overdrive

From PC World: Want to see how Chinese users are viewing the Olympics, and themselves? In China, is where the online video is at, not that Google-owned site with a similar-sounding name.

Since its launch in December 2006, the site has emerged as China's online video leader. During one week in December 2007, Youku registered over 100 million video views per day, according to Nielsen/Netratings.

CEO and founder Victor Koo, a former president and COO at Chinese portal, claimed that number has now increased to 150 million per day.

Youku developed its own content delivery network, including its own video player, based on the open version of Flash Video. Koo said the company operates its own networking centers in every province in China, using servers from HP and Dell and routers from Cisco and Huawei.

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