Flying to Defcon with no ID

From InfoWorld: Before Sherri Davidoff flew out to Defcon this year, she made sure to cover up the "Global Hacking Permit 230291" sticker on her laptop with a photo of two adorable puppies.

She figured it might help things go a little more smoothly at Logan International Airport, where she eventually managed to clear her way through the Transportation Security Administration's security screening and fly out to this week's hacker convention in Las Vegas without using any ID.

The TSA changed its policy in June, barring travelers who refuse to show ID from flying, but allowing cooperative passengers who have lost or otherwise don't have their papers to pass through. Davidoff, an independent security consultant based in Boston, wanted to see how the new TSA system worked.

For her, travelling without ID wasn't just an interesting drill, it was a matter of civil liberties.

For one, thing Davidoff didn't need to know much in order to establish her identity: She had to provide her name along with both a street and a state where she'd previously resided.

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