Seven Of The Ten Largest DRAM Manufacturers Saw Revenue Declines In Q2

From Tom's Hardware: The good news about the problematic DRAM market is the fact that iSuppli believes that the market bottomed out in Q2 and that top-tier memory manufacturers were able to return to profitability after several month of losses.

Samsung continues to dominate the ranking with revenues of $2.1 billion in Q2 2008, down about 1% from a year ago. Hynix follows with $1.3 billion and a 14% decline year over year. Elpida, in third, was the big winner in Q2, posting a 16% revenue increase to $1.0 billion. Micron, now in fourth, kept its revenues flat at $740 million While Qimonda in fifth saw its sales drop by 40% from $994 million to $600 million.

The only other company with a revenue increase was Powerchip in sixth position with 10% growth to $350 million during the second quarter, iSuppli said.

Nanya came in seventh (-19% to $280 million), followed by Promos (-17% to $187 million), Etron (-34% to $62 million) and Winbond (-2% to $41 million).

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