Fujitsu Unveils LifeBook U2010

From DailyTech: Fujitsu announced its latest ultra mobile PC (UMPC) called the LifeBook U2010. The U2010 is the follow-up to Fujitsu's LifeBook U1010, and features the 3-in-1 tablet/notebook/handheld PC form factor.

Fujitsu has added an interesting feature to the U2010 that allows the small notebook to wirelessly connect to any FM radio at home or in the car and playback the stored digital music library. The LifeBook U2010 utilizes a 5.6-inch WXGA 1280 x 800 screen with a brightness of 300 nits.

The screen utilizes what Fujitsu calls a Raku Raku zoom button for enlarged viewing on the small 5.6-inch screen. The U2010 comes in multiple colors including Ocean Black, Pink Gold, Cool Silver, Fuchsia Red, and Luminous Blue.

The tiny notebook weighs 610 grams and uses a portable, full-featured Windows Operating system according to Fujitsu. Fujitsu also includes Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0 or fast touch access to multimedia programs. Battery life for the tiny notebook is quoted at 8 hours. Storage for the U2010 is up to a 60GB hard drive or a 64GB SSD. The SSD is optional even though one Fujitsu executive doesn't believe in the SSD. Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 2.1.

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