CES 2016 Day 1 - cheero @ CES Unveiled

As for cheero, you have seen their products at APH Networks before, such as the Ingress Power Cube. A lot of their products are mobile accessories, including power banks, and illuminated USB cables. However today's offering is a bit different.

We were able to meet with Daisuke Takahashi, who is the VP of cheero USA, who introduced us to the cheero Sleepion. As the name implies the Sleepion is intended to improve the sleeping environment of the user. This is done in three ways, through sound, light, and aroma. In terms of sound, the Sleepion has two stereo speakers, which play natural sounds to resemble "prenatal environments and breathing". The lighting is meant to imitate moonlight conditions, with a warmer glow at 2700K in color temperature. Finally, three aromas are included with the Sleepion, including the Geranium, Cedar, and Lavender, and these are intended again to create a more natural environment. This is an interesting product overall, and I would love to see how it actually works in the real life. Cheero has not decided on an immediate pricing, but Mr. Takahashi gave an estimate of $300 to $400 USD. The Sleepion is also currently in production, and will be available later on.