Apple to appeal EU's $14.5B fine, calls itself 'convenient target'

From CNET: When the European Union slapped Apple with a $14.5 billion tax fee in August, CEO Tim Cook called it "political crap."

This week, the tech behemoth is fighting back in the form of an official appeal, Reuters reports.

"Apple is not an outlier in any sense that matters to the law," Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell told the news service. "Apple is a convenient target because it generates lots of headlines."

The EU's watchdog, the European Commission, takes issue with a deal Apple has with Ireland that enables the company to locate a chunk of its earnings there in return for creating jobs. This results in the iPhone maker pays a lower tax rate there than the 35 percent it would pay in the US.

"Member States cannot give tax benefits to selected companies -- this is illegal under EU state aid rules," Commission competition policy specialist Margrethe Vestager said in a statement in August.

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