Super Mario Run appears in the Play Store with a 'pre-register' button

From PC World: Super Mario Run is the hottest thing since sliced app updates over in the iOS App Store, but Nintendo is about to send Mario running to the Play Store.

A listing for Super Mario Run is live, and you can click the big friendly “Pre-register” button if you’d like a notification sent to your device when the game is ready for download. (You’ll still have to initiate the download yourself—don’t worry about it auto-downloading when you aren’t on Wi-Fi, or anything like that.)

Super Mario Run is a free download that will let you try out the first three levels, and a single in-app purchase after that will unlock the rest of the game. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but the full game unlock is $10 in the iOS App Store. Keep in mind that the game does require online connectivity to play.

Fully unlocked, Super Mario Run has 24 courses spread across six worlds, plus a Toad Rally mode that lets you race against ghosts uploaded by other players, and Kingdom Builder, which lets you spend in-game coins to add buildings and decorations to your personal kingdom.

The game is designed to play one-handed. Mario is always running, and you tap the screen to jump, long-press to jump higher, and interact with special bricks scattered through the levels that let you pause or leap backward. As in every classic Mario platformer, you’ll avoid enemies and traps, gobble mushrooms, and chase Bowser across his kingdom to rescue Princess Peach. It’s a great time—our sister site Macworld raved about it.

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