AT&T jumps on the unlimited data bandwagon with an expensive new plan

From PC World: AT&T capped off this week’s carrier showdown by releasing its own unlimited data plan following announcements from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Prior to this announcement AT&T, only offered unlimited data plans to its DirecTV and U-verse subscribers. Before you get too excited, however, this plan is the most expensive of the bunch for a single line, and has a few drawbacks compared to the other plans.

The new AT&T unlimited plan is priced at $100 a month for a single line and an extra $40 per month for each additional line, up to a maximum of four. That's easily the most expensive unlimited data option for a single line, but AT&T’s plan is actually competitive—price-wise—with Verizon when you need two or four lines. At four lines, AT&T charges $180, but that includes a $40 credit which takes two months to kick in, meaning you’re paying $220 for the first two months. The plan price includes AT&T’s $60 plan charge, plus device access charges which vary from $10 to $40.

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