​Uber changes course, applies for CA self-driving permit

From CNET: Uber is changing its tune on getting the state required permit for self-driving cars in California.

After refusing for months to get the necessary permit to test its autonomous vehicles on public roads, the ride-hailing company said Thursday it will now abide by California rules just like more than 20 other companies working on self-driving technology in the state, including Google, Tesla, Honda, BMW and Ford.

"We are taking steps to complete our application to apply for a DMV testing permit," an Uber spokeswoman wrote in an email.

Uber made its name by pairing passengers with drivers via a phone app. Over the past six years, it's grown from small startup to multinational company with operations in more than 400 cities in 72 countries. Now Uber is going a step further, venturing into robotics and artificial intelligence with autonomous vehicles.

But Uber's rollout of these cars in California was bumpy.

Within hours of the self-driving car launch in San Francisco in December, California's Department of Motor Vehicles told the company it was breaking the law and needed to halt the program until it got a permit. Uber refused to back down and said it would keep the cars on the road.

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