Nintendo Details SNES Classic Rewind Feature

From PC Mag: On September 29, Nintendo will launch the SNES Classic complete with 21 games including the never before released Star Fox 2. It's sure to be as popular, if not more popular than the NES Classic which preceded it. At Gamescom, Nintendo decided to reveal some additional features the SNES Classic will include, with the stand-out feature being the ability to rewind gameplay.

There are actually five features worth talking about, many of which are highlighted in Nintendo's video below and by Polygon. The first has been carried over from the NES Classic and allows you to select between three display modes: 4:3, Pixel Perfect, or CRT. All three will be nice and clear on your HD TV and I suspect Pixel Perfect will be the most popular choice.

Those display modes can be further enhanced by customizing the black borders either side of the gameplay output. There are a number of frames to choose between, and some of those frames will react and change depending on what's happening on screen in gameplay.

Where things get really interesting though, is with the save system. Nintendo decided to offer four save slots per game, but the SNES Classic also saves up to three minutes of gameplay as you play. According to Eurogamer, the length of the recorded footage depends on the type of game. The more quick action there is, the shorter the time period saved.

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