iPhone 8 secrets leaked? Face ID, new AirPods and more

From CNET: Will Apple's upcoming iPhone let you turn yourself into an animated monkey when messaging friends? Let's just say you wouldn't exactly be bananas if you said yes.

That's one of several new software and hardware features being dissected on social media following an alleged leak of the final build of iOS 11, the mobile operating system that'll run the iPhone. News of the leak, along with images, comes courtesy of 9to5Mac and iOS developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo. Rambo and Troughton-Smith are the same coders who extracted previously unannounced details from a similarly premature firmware update for the new HomePod smart speaker in late July.

If this new leak is the real deal, it pre-empts a significant number of the surprises we'd otherwise get during Tuesday's big unveiling of new iPhones. The new high-end, possibly $1,000 iteration of Apple's world famous gadget will feature, among other things, animated versions of emoji characters for iMessage, along with Face ID -- what seems to be the official name for the tech that'll let you unlock your phone with a simple face scan. The gadget will also apparently be called the iPhone X (presumably to mark the device's 10th anniversary).

As mentioned, this seems to be the official moniker for technology that'll let you unlock the iPhone just by letting it scan your face. A leaked setup animation suggests you'll have to present Face ID with more than one angle of your kisser to get it to unlock the phone. That dovetails with the rumors that the home button -- and Touch ID -- will be removed from the high-end iPhone.

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