Uber files appeal to stay in London

From CNET: Uber today officially launched its bid to remain in London three weeks after the British capital's transport regulator refused to renew the company's license to operate citing "public safety and security implications".

The appeal, which Uber announced immediately after Transport for London made its decision on Sept. 22, allows the ride-sharing company to continue operating in the city during that process. An Uber spokeswoman said that today's filing in the Westminster Magistrates' Court is more a formal notification that the appeal is underway and that the company may never appear in court if a settlement is reached.

"While we have today filed our appeal so that Londoners can continue using our app, we hope to continue having constructive discussions with Transport for London" Uber said in a statement. "As our new CEO has said, we are determined to make things right."

On Oct. 3, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi visited London to meet with TfL officials after which he pledged his willingness to work with the city in a tweet. TfL also released a statement after the meeting characterizing the talks as "constructive" and said that more discussion would continue in the coming weeks. Uber has been in London since 2012.

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