Smart devices could soon have their own cellular connections

From CNET: Connected devices such as smart light bulbs, refrigerators and TVs are all bound by Wi-Fi networks. But that might not be the case for much longer.

ARM, a processor tech company, is unveiling a new chipset that integrates SIM cards into Internet-of-Things devices. This will give all your smart gadgets their own internet connection. The company believes its Kigen chipset will be on a trillion smart devices in the next 10 to 20 years, Chet Babla, ARM's vice president of solutions said.

Using cellular signals and SIM cards means smart devices will be able to connect to the internet immediately. It'll also mean they can be used in areas where Wi-Fi might be inconvenient, Babla said.

An IoT sensor on a delivery truck would let you know exactly where your packages are. Or they could be used on farms to control the water systems without Wi-Fi.

It will also provide a global standard for connection, as opposed to a Wi-Fi network set up individually. SIM cards also give each of your smart devices an individual identity, the same way they do for your phones.

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