Nintendo Switch Vertical Gaming Grip Gets Funded

From PC Mag: On May 29, Japanese developer Treasure released its classic arcade shoot-em-up (shmup) Ikaruga with the help of Nicalis for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a masterclass in shmup design, but it was also designed to be played on a vertically oriented display commonly used in arcade cabinets. On modern TVs, that means big borders either side of the action. For Switch, the problem has just been solved with a crowdfunded accessory.

The Flip Grip appeared on Kickstarter and very quickly reached its funding target of $42,500. It's a new accessory for the Switch which allows the Joy-Cons to be attached to the hybrid console while the screen is vertically oriented. What you end up with is an arcade cabinet in your hands, with vertical-orientation games able to drop the borders and use every pixel of the Switch's display.

Although not officially licensed, the Flip-Grip is proving popular with 2,763 backers on Kickstarter and 17 days still to go on the campaign. It's also cheap, with each Flip-Grip costing just $12 plus around $3 in shipping costs. As for support, alongside Ikaruga there are already 20 Switch games available with vertical gaming modes and at least another seven scheduled for release. Examples include Punch-Out!, Galaga, Gunbird, Donkey Kong, Dig-Dug, Pinball FX 3, and Strikers 1945-II.

The Flip Grip was designed by Jeremy Parish and Mike Choi with the support of Fangamer. The accessory consists of a single piece of durable injection-molded plastic which the Switch sits inside. The Joy-Cons then slide into rails on either side and securely click into place.

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