Xiaomi makes its IPO, watches shares plummet by nearly 6%

From CNET: Xiaomi struggled in its debut on the Hong Kong stock market Monday morning, with its shares falling by nearly 6 percent.

As the Chinese phone manufacturer maker made its IPO, its shares were down more than 2 percent and fell by 5.88 percent during the session.

Its shares were priced at 17 Hong Kong dollars (about $2, £1 or AU$3), but hit a low of 16 HK dollars before bouncing back up to 16.88 HK dollars ahead of the midday break, according to Reuters.

Despite Xiaomi's challenging debut, Reuters notes that Hang Seng -- the Hong Kong stock market index -- was 1.7 percent higher.

"I think short-term stock price is mostly dictated by market conditions. What we will be doing is to focus on the long-term growth of our business," Lin Bin, Xiaomi's president and co-founder, told CNBC on Monday.

Xiaomi's IPO comes days after the US and China began a trade war that has seen each nation imposes billions in tariffs on the other.

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