Samsung’s Galaxy S10 might come in three sizes, with an in-display fingerprint sensor

From The Verge: Samsung’s still weeks away from announcing the Galaxy Note 9, but we’re already moving on to rumors for the company’s next flagship phone: the Galaxy S10. According to Business Insider, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Sunday that he believes the S10 will come in three different sizes: 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.4 inches. Those are very nearly the same sizes that Kuo expects Apple’s next series of iPhones to come in, letting Samsung match Apple one for one.

The larger two S10 models will include in-display fingerprint sensors, Kuo says, while the smaller model will include a fingerprint sensor on the side. That suggests the smaller model will be Samsung’s entry-level offering, while the larger two will potentially have higher-end specs and features. The Galaxy S9 comes in a 5.8-inch and a 6.2-inch model, with slight differences in specs; the larger model has a second rear camera and more RAM, for instance.

Kuo is well known for accurately determining Apple’s plans using his supply chain sources. He’s been starting to speak to Samsung’s plans, too, and thus far he’s been fairly accurate as well. Kuo isn’t alone in making some of these predictions, either: previous reports also said that Samsung was expected to add an in-display fingerprint sensor. According to Business Insider, Kuo believes the feature will be heavily marketed as a way to differentiate the S10 from the iPhone, which will rely on face scanning.

Another recent rumor says the S10 might include five cameras, adding an additional wide angle option to the back and another lens to the front for capturing portrait effects.

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