Google's Call Screen Will Soon Save Transcripts

From PC Mag: With the launch of the Pixel 3 phones, Google introduced a new feature called Call Screen which has gone down very well with Pixel owners. One major complaint is that it doesn't save the transcript of a call after it ends, but Google is set to fix that this year.

Call Screen is great because it allows calls to be handled without you needing to interact with the caller. Instead, Google Assistant answers the call for you and asks why they are calling. You can view a transcript of the caller's response in real-time and decide whether this is someone you want to talk to.

By handling calls in this way, it's easy to spot a spam call and mark it as such, and nobody enjoys answering a call from an unknown number which this feature solves. The problem is, the real-time transcripts made of these calls aren't saved once the call ends. As 9to5Google reports, Google is working to rectify this by saving the Call Screen transcripts.

Although there's no firm date, Google is promising to add Call Screen transcript saving as a feature "later this year" for Pixel owners. The transcripts will be saved to your Call Log once the call has ended and then becomes accessible via the Call Details section of a call log item. Public beta testers will get the new feature first, but then all Pixel owners get it before the end of 2018.

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