AWS piles on the machine learning services

From InfoWorld: Amazon has unveiled a boatload of new machine learning services for AWS. The new offerings include AI services for developers, models and algorithms for Amazon SageMaker, automatic data labeling and reinforcement learning services, and AWS-optimized versions of TensorFlow and other familiar machine learning libraries.

The new AWS-Optimized TensorFlow offering, now generally available, allows TensorFlow jobs to be automatically scaled and balanced across multiple GPU-powered EC2 nodes. Amazon claims that its improvements to TensorFlow scaling increase operational efficiency across dozens of GPUs, yielding faster model training than by setting up TensorFlow manually.

Another new AWS offering speeds up serving inferences, or predictions, from generated models at scale. Amazon Elastic Inference takes models from “all popular frameworks” (TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, etc.) and uses them to serve predictions, but does so from a relatively modest EC2 instance with GPU performance that can be dialed up or down as necessary. The customer pays only for GPU used. The idea is to limit GPU costs to only what’s needed, instead of over-provisioning the EC2 instance with a dedicated GPU that will go mostly unused.

Other new offerings are additions to Amazon SageMaker, an AWS managed service that handles machine learning workflows.

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