Nvidia Taps AI to Build Game Environments From Real Footage

From PC Mag: Nvidia has found a new way to build 3D virtual environments for PC games: The company is tapping artificial intelligence to create them from real-world images.

On Monday, Nvidia unveiled the new AI system, which can automatically build 3D gaming environments modeled on videos and photos taken in real life.

The technology is still a work-in-progress, but in a demo, Nvidia's researchers showed that the AI system can recognize the different elements in a street video — such as the sidewalks, parked cars, and buildings — and redraw them into 3D urban environments for a driving game.

The AI research could potentially streamline the way developers build their games by adding a new level of automation to the world-building process. "One of the reasons we are so excited about this is that it makes it easier to create content and add it into a virtual world," Nvidia vice president Bryan Catanzaro told journalists in a conference call.

For instance, a game developer could take footage of New York or a sports arena and use the AI system to quickly build a virtual model of it. The same model can then be edited or modified in whatever way the developer desires.

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