Microsoft Breaks Its Flagship PC With New Windows 10 Update

From Forbes: Some Surface Book 2 owners may be a bit grumpy this week after a routine Windows 10 cumulative update left their shiny convertible laptops displaying nothing more than a BSOD.

It's yet another black eye on what has been a ceaseless string of problematic Windows 10 updates over the last several months. From the infamous file-deleting bug and breaking Windows Media Player and iCloud, to buggy default apps and broken audio, Microsoft has been proving its critics right: the process and speed of rolling out new Windows updates and features needs a deep overhaul.

The culprit is a cumulative update (KB4467682) to Windows 10 version 1803, which is causing some Surface Book 2 devices to experience blue (or black) screens of death with the not-so-helpful “System thread exception not handled" message.

Some users have tried to remove the offending update, and it didn't go so well: "[...] for some reason removing the update bricked my surface. Now I can't even get into the OS. Just have blue screens. I will have to reinstall windows," writes Luis10e10 on Reddit.

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