Facebook Used Its VPN to Spy on Other Companies, Users

From ExtremeTech: At this point, Facebook’s fundamentally bankrupt behavior isn’t a contested point — just an established fact. That viewpoint, cynical as it may sound, was fundamentally confirmed by the release of 250 pages worth of emails from the UK Parliament, which collectively demonstrate that yes, the company engages in the bad behavior we’ve suspected that it does.

Specifically, the emails show that FB used preferential whitelists to determine which companies would receive access to data and which would not, that it made these arrangements based on how much value the developer brought to the relationship, that it collected data on who Android users were calling even though it knew that Android users would not respond well to this if it should ever become public, and that it used its VPN service, Onavo, to gather information on which applications Facebook users were using on mobile devices, with an overall goal of determining which services it should attempt to acquire to prevent any companies from becoming a threat to Facebook’s dominance. Hat-tip to our sister site Mashable for the initial coverage.

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