$358 Million Jury Verdict Against Microsoft Overturned

From DailyTech: Microsoft is once again making headlines in a high-profile patent infringement case. This time the patent infringement case in question is the long-running legal proceedings between Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent.
The case in question has to do with a $358 million damage award a jury granted to Alcatel-Lucent as part of a multi-billion dollar suit against Microsoft. A federal court jury awarded Alcatel $358 million in damages over Microsoft's violation of a patent that is dubbed the "Day" patent.

The patent in question has to do with the user's ability to enter dates into a calendar in Outlook for a specific day. A judge has overturned the jury award after saying that the damages awarded against Microsoft were not justified.

The judge wrote in his ruling, "Because the damages award based on the infringing date-picker feature of Outlook is not supported by substantial evidence and is contrary to the clear weight of the evidence, the damages award must be vacated."

Reuters quotes Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz saying, "We are pleased that the court vacated the damages award, and we look forward to taking the next step in the judicial process."

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