iPhone gets .Net app development

From InfoWorld: Novell on Monday will offer a kit for developers to build Apple iPhone and iPod Touch business applications using Microsoft's .Net Framework instead of the Apple-designated C or Objective-C languages.

Leveraging Novell's Mono runtime for running Windows applications on non-Windows systems, Novell's MonoTouch 1.0 is a commercial software development kit that lets developers utilize code and libraries written for .Net and programming languages like C#.

"What's important here is that C# and .Net are considerably more productive development environments than the native iPhone language, which is Objective-C," said Miguel de Icaza, vice president of the developer platform at Novell and the leader of the Mono project. With MonoTouch, the Mono runtime provides such developer services as garbage collection, thread management, type safety, and Web services, de Icaza said.

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