Microsoft SkyDrive aiming to outcloud iCloud

From CNET Microsoft is targeting a host of improvements for SkyDrive, potentially giving iCloud and similar services some healthy competition.

The next version, dubbed SkyDrive Wave 5, could lead the way, with several features revealed by blogging site

Tipped off about "new features that are said to be coming to SkyDrive soon," the site detailed such items as support for the OpenDocument format and the ability to store and manage BitLocker recovery keys on SkyDrive.

A new URL-shortening service will provide links to your shared files, while you'll be able to share those files directly with your Twitter followers.

But one killer feature would be a new SkyDrive app for Windows and the Mac. Currently, the only way to access your SkyDrive content from your computer is through the browser. But the new desktop app would let you browse your SkyDrive files just as you're able to browse local files. And vice versa, the SkyDrive Web page would let you browse files among your local PCs.

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