HP, Lenovo Resuscitate OLED Laptop Screens at CES

From PC Mag: Laptops with OLED screens, which offer vivid colors, razor-sharp text, and deep, deep blacks, are few and far between. Following the introduction of two new such laptops at CES this week, though, people who mourned their apparent extinction have reason to get excited.

OLED, short for Organic Light Emitting Diode, shares similarities with the LED and LCD screens used by most modern laptops. Both LEDs and OLEDs emit photons to create the image you see on the screen, but unlike LCDs, which have separate layers, each OLED layer is deposited on the other, creating a monolithic unit.

The result is a screen than not only saves space, offering the possibility of a much thinner, lighter laptop, but also one that offers wide viewing angles, low power, and fast response time for sports and action scenes.

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