Google’s parent company is facing a lawsuit for its alleged mishandling of an explosive sexual misconduct case

From Recode: A Google shareholder sued the board of the search giant’s parent company, Alphabet, accusing the company’s co-founders of mishandling sexual misconduct claims against several high-powered former executives.

The suit filed by shareholder James Martin alleges that company leadership “had active and direct participation in a multi‐year scheme to cover up sexual harassment and discrimination” at Alphabet. The focus of the lawsuit revolves around the company’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations against former executive Andy Rubin, among others. Rubin reportedly received a $90 million exit package even as a credible accusation of sexual misconduct was revealed through an internal investigation.

Revelations about Google’s handling of Rubin’s departure resulted in a massive company backlash, culminating in 20,000 Google employees walking out of work in November 2018.

Among other allegations, Rubin was accused of coercing a female coworker into performing oral sex on him in a hotel room. Rubin has refuted the claims.

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