T-Mobile delays 5G rollout until second half

From CNET: Eager to jump on T-Mobile's 5G network? You're going to have wait a little longer.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray said in an interview that the company won't be formally launching its 5G service in its first 30 cities until the second half. A year ago, Ray told CNET that the launch would happen in the first half.

Ray said that he had hoped at the time that handset manufacturers and chipset makers would be ready to build a phone that taps into its lower-band 600 megahertz spectrum, which it is using to power 5G across a large swath of the country. The first 5G smartphone, Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G, using high-frequency bands compatible with Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Ray's concession throws a wrinkle in the 5G race, with each carrier pushing to the be first to the next-generation wireless technology, which promises a much faster and more responsive network. AT&T has already launched 5G in a dozen markets, but in limited areas, while Verizon has a home 5G network. Sprint, meanwhile, said it plans to launch 5G in four markets in May.

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