Qualcomm Speeds Up Wi-Fi for a 5G World

From PC Mag: Your Wi-Fi network is probably facing a traffic jam, and it'll only get worse in the era of 5G. Here at Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm just released a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip that aims to ease that congestion using new technologies in Wi-Fi 6.

"We can turn the 2.4GHz wasteland into usable spectrum," said Dino Bekis, the head of Qualcomm's mobile and compute connectivity group.

The main band used for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, 2.4GHz, is insanely congested. That slows down a lot of home and public network connections. The new QCA6390's Wi-Fi 6 implementation uses a new form of encoding (for Wi-Fi) called OFDMA with 1024QAM, which "allows for more clients to operate simultaneously with less on-air time," Bekis said. With each Wi-Fi device hogging the airwaves for fewer milliseconds, more devices can share each of 2.4GHz's three clear channels.

The QCA6390's Wi-fi 6 implementation exceeds the "Wi-Fi 6-ready" WCN3998 integrated into Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is now appearing in flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10, Qualcomm said. That means QCA6390-based phones will have 1.5 times the Wi-Fi range of WCN3998-based devices when hooked up to a Wi-Fi 6 router.

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