Intel Teases 10nm 'Ice Lake' CPUs, Special Edition Core i9

From PC Mag: In an inversion of the usual Computex order of things—in which Intel typically sets the tone with its major keynote on Tuesday, the trade show's opening day—AMD is instead in the perceived 2019 Computex driver's seat. AMD's CEO and president, Dr. Lisa Su, is slated to head off the Computex trade show with presumptive big news from the world of consumer CPUs as the keynote speaker on Monday morning.

To slow some of that momentum, Intel teased some of its wares the night before AMD's big moment: Its "Ice Lake" 10-nanometer, 10th Generation mobile processors are indeed coming, and the company shared some info about these long-awaited chips' integrated graphics performance. The company also noted that a special version of the desktop Core i9-9900K, its top mainstream-line CPU, will go on sale this year. Its key distinction will be some tweakage to its core clocks.

For starters, 10-nanometer (nm) "Ice Lake" CPUs will ship in volume as mobile CPUs first, not desktop chips. Intel confirmed that the Ice Lake chips will be based on Intel's "Sunny Cove" architecture and incorporate what the company is calling its Gen11 integrated graphics solution. The platform will also work support both Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 3.

The first Ice Lake chips will ship "this year," according to a teaser brief shared by the company.

More Ice Lake details will likely follow at the Tuesday keynote, but for now, Intel is pushing the capabilities of the CPUs' onboard graphics, a traditional sore point on mainstream Intel chips versus AMD. The key slide shared here is this one:

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