Google Stadia: Buy games from Google and you can play through Stadia for free

From CNET: Google has an answer for any skeptics of its Stadia streaming game service: Buy the game from Google, and you can play through Stadia for free.

The internet giant laid out its launch plans Thursday, during a livestream in which it announced prices for its service, which includes an effectively free tier offering high-definition visuals for any game you buy from Google. The company declined to say how much games will cost but said it would be competitive with the industry.

Google also said it'll have a $9.99 per month subscription service, called Stadia Pro, which will offer high quality visuals, some free games, discounts on other games and a copy of Bungie's epic space adventure Destiny 2.

The company also announced a Stadia Founder's Edition incentive, which will cost $129.99 and include a "night blue" controller, a Chromecast Ultra streaming device, three months of Stadia Pro, first dibs on a username and a buddy pass that gives a friend three months to try Stadia Pro.

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