U.S. Customs Officials Confirm Traveler Photos Compromised As Part Of A Major Hack

From Forbes: Concerns for U.S citizens’ privacy are growing after U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials confirmed photos of travelers faces and license plates had been breached. It was the result of a major cyber-attack on a federal subcontractor, according to the Washington Post.

CBP has been increasingly using cameras and video recordings at airports and land border crossings. The images captured are used to track the identity of those entering and exiting the US as part of an agency facial-recognition program.

The hack was a result of poor practices at the subcontractor which violated CBP’s security and privacy rules. According to CBP, copies of images collected by CBP had been transferred to the subcontractor’s company network, which was then attacked and compromised. The breach did not involve CBP’s systems, according to the agency.

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