Samsung Asks QLED TV Owners to Run a Virus Scan

From PC Mag: If you own a smart TV, chances are you've hooked it up to the internet in order to access popular apps such as Netflix. But by doing so, you're also taking a risk as your TV might get infected with malware. That's what Samsung thinks, and it's suggesting you run a regular virus scan on its TVs.

Performing a security scan on a television may sound ridiculous, but it's exactly what Samsung's US support Twitter account is suggesting be done "every few weeks." There's even a guide video showing owners of QLED TV models exactly how to access the built-in security scan feature.

Taking the time to run such a scan is tedious enough when all you want to do is focus on the next episode of your favorite show. Samsung managed to make the process much more painful than it needed to be, though, by burying the Smart Security scan option three layers deep in the TV's interface menu.

As the video in the tweet shows, you have to load the menu and then navigate to General -> System Manager -> Smart Security before tapping "Scan." It takes longer to trigger the scan than it does to perform one! I'm also left wondering why this isn't an automatic scan that is performed as the TV is turned on, surely that's preferable for the user and better for security?

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