Huawei remains on Commerce Department's blacklist despite Trump's deal

From CNET: The Commerce Department is apparently still treating Huawei as blacklisted. This news comes despite President Donald Trump's announcement that he'd ease limitations on companies selling equipment to the Chinese telecom.

A senior official emailed enforcement staff Monday to assert that Huawei remains on its Entity List and that a "presumption of denial" licensing policy is still in place, Reuters reports.

The email came two days after Trump agreed to lift some restrictions he put in place with a May executive order in an effort to kickstart trade talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. After that, National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow noted that US companies can only sell widely available products to Huawei.

Huawei has been the subject of long-running US national security concerns due to suspected links with the Chinese government and the belief that its equipment could be used for spying -- suspicions the company denies.

It still isn't sure where it stands with US companies. It's also reportedly waiting to hear from the Commerce Department about using Google's Android operating system in future mobile devices.

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