Apple Stops Listening In To Users On Siri, Will Let Users Opt Out

From Forbes: When you’re talking to Siri, Apple's virtual personal assistant, some of the recordings are listened to by humans to quality-check the results for accuracy. This was revealed in a report by the Guardian a few days ago, and you can read about it here on Forbes.

Now, Apple has responded – in super-quick time – to address the issues that were raised.

First, the background. A small proportion of Siri recordings have until now been passed to human contractors to grade. It’s not just a matter of listening in to what you’ve said and judging whether Siri interpreted it accurately and responded correctly. It’s also understanding whether you meant to invoke Siri at all: anyone who’s heard their smart speaker say “I don’t know the answer to that, I’m afraid” completely out of the blue will know that speakers think they’re being spoken to when they’re not.

To be fair, I know people who sometimes make the same mistake.

According to the Guardian's report, sometimes the sound of a zip could be mistaken as someone wanting to catch Siri’s attention.

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