Steam Release Date Changes Now Require Valve's Approval

From PC Mag: Valve has changed its policy with regards to how easy it is to change the release date of forthcoming games on Steam. Any change now requires approval by Valve.

As PCGamesN reports, news of the change came via Reddit user HeadlessIvan who works for an indie label publisher. When attempting to update the release date for one of their titles, a new message popped up stating:

Your intended release date is currently set as "Sep 19, 2019". If you need to make changes to this date, please contact Valve here with the reason for your new release date and what date you'd like it set as. You should be pretty certain that your new date is the date you will release.
The message makes it clear changing a release date is now a serious decision as far as Valve is concerned and they want to know why it's changing. The end of the message also suggests attempting to change the date again in the future will face even tougher scrutiny.

As HeadlessIvan points out, this is actually a positive change by Valve because the ease of tweaking a release date was being abused by some. It allowed a game to appear and then keep appearing in the "Popular Upcoming" section simply by changing the date. That won't happen anymore.

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