Intel Reveals Project Athena Badge

From PC Mag: First revealed back in January, Project Athena is Intel's way of pushing the envelope on laptop design. Now Intel has revealed the visual identifier (badge) vendors can use for hardware verified as up to the Project Athena standard.

Intel's aim for Project Athena is to create a new generation of long-life, low-power, high-performance laptops, all using Intel hardware of course. Half the battle is getting hardware vendors to sign up, where as the other half is getting consumers excited and on board with the idea. Seeing a badge next to a laptop proclaiming "Engineered for Mobile Performance" is Intel's idea for doing just that.

Intel is carrying out verification for Project Athena itself, which is why back in May the chip giant announced three labs were opening for testing laptops. Passing the tests means a laptop is classed as "co-engineered with Intel" and the visual identifier badge can be used "across PC manufacturer, retailer and other online listings and product detail pages, as well as on in-store display systems, demos and packaging." There's no plans to stick the badge on the laptop chassis, which I for one am very happy to hear.

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