Report: Huawei Is Talking to US Companies About Licensing 5G

From PC Mag: Chinese giant Huawei has reportedly been in discussions with US telecom companies about licensing its 5G network equipment.

According to Reuters, Vincent Pang, senior vice president of Huawei, said that some American firms were interested in either a long-term deal or a one-off transfer of Huawei's 5G patents, but would not go into more details about which companies these were.

"There are some companies talking to us, but it would take a long journey to really finalize everything," Pang said. "They have shown interest," he added, although such conversations apparently took place only a few weeks ago and were not detailed.

Huawei has remained on a US blacklist over national security concerns, which removes its ability to buy American products and restricts its access to online services, including adding Google's array of apps on Huawei's Mate 30 Pro smartphone.

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