Lyft simplifies its subscription service with the $20-a-month ‘Lyft Pink’

From The Verge: Lyft is rolling out a new membership plan for riders who want discounts on car trips, bike and scooter rides, and other exclusive perks. Dubbed “Lyft Pink,” the membership plan costs $19.99 a month and comes with a 15 percent discount on all car rides.

It’s a more simplified version of Lyft’s year-old “All-Access Plan,” in which customers paid $299 a month for up to 30 rides. The fine print is where things get a little confusing, though: each ride is worth $15, and if customers take a longer route that’s worth more, they pay the difference. If their ride is worth less than $15, it will still count as a $15 minimum ride. Lyft Pink replaces that plan and any customer who subscribed to All-Access will get an enrollment offer for the new membership service, a spokesperson said.

With Lyft Pink, all car trips taken over the course of a month are discounted at 15 percent. In addition, members will get three complimentary bike and scooter trips per month. (Lyft’s All-Access Plan didn’t apply to non-car modes.) Members also get priority pickups at the airport, surprise discounts and upgrades, and the occasional waived fee for cancellations or lost-and-found returns.

Lyft says its membership service is a “no brainer” for customers who take two to three trips a week. But not everyone can sign up yet: there will be a waitlist that opens on October 29th. After that point, membership will begin rolling out until it’s fully available nationwide later this year.

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