T-Mobile and Comcast broaden anti-robocall feature

From CNET: T-Mobile and Comcast have teamed up with voice and messaging services provider Inteliquent to demonstrate the first end-to-end call over three networks using the Shaken/Stir framework, which validates where calls originate. The news is a big step forward in implementing the technology, which many hope will slow the growing pace of annoying robocalls.

The companies say they've worked out the technical details to ensure that the numbers displayed on a call get verified as that call gets routed over Inteliquent's network, as well as directly between T-Mobile and the Xfinity Voice landline phone service.

"Scammers and spoofers are a scourge on the industry, and at T-Mobile, we're using every tool available to fight against these bad guys on behalf of consumers," John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, said in a statement.

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