Facebook's Only Dutch Fact-Checker Quits Over Political Ads

From PC Mag: Facebook's only fact-checking partner in the Netherlands, the online newspaper Nu.nl, has quit in the wake of the social media giant's decision not to verify the claims made in adverts ran by politicians on its platform.

According to NPO 3, the dispute specifically comes after a claim made by the leader of the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) Esther de Lange, who said that 10 percent of farmland in Romania is in non-European hands. The newspaper said that such a claim cannot be properly verified, but Facebook then reportedly intervened, telling the newspaper that politicians are not to be checked.

After Nu.nl's decision to end its work with Facebook, editor in chief Gert-Jaap Hoekman asked what "is the point of fighting fake news if you are not allowed to tackle politicians?" adding, "let one thing be clear: we remain behind the content of our fact checks. Facts are not a form of activism."

Nu.nl was not the only fact-checker to have worked with Facebook in the Netherlands. Nieuwscheckers, a fact-checking organization run by Leiden University, ended its collaboration with Facebook in 2018.

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